Ricardo Verheul
Ricardo Verheul


Good for all, needed by some.


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The baby bottle preparation kit for visually impaired parents

2 Weeks | Group | 2018 | Umeå Institute of Design


OVE is the result of a 2 week collaborative sprint project between IXD and APD program at Umeå Institute of Design.

The focus for this project lays on sound design and prototyping.


The feeding process is one of the harder things for visually impaired parents. Nowadays they rely on the help of others.

What if we could make these parents more independent and give them a tool that supports them in the feeding process.


OVE is a bottle preparation kit concept. By using sound and bright lights it guides the user trough each step of the baby bottle preparation process.

Good for all, needed by some.

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How does it work?

 OVE the movie (2:00)



Making off and process pictures